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Growing Bolder Radio Network (Listen Live)

Growing Bolder Radio Network - Click Here To Listen Live Now!

Welcome to the Growing Bolder Radio Network! This is a 24-hour streaming network featuring interviews with celebrities, best-selling authors, masters athletes, philanthropists, entrepreneurs and much more.

Below, you’ll find instructions on the best ways to tune in, using your preferred method — online in a pop-up window, on your smartphone or through iTunes.

In addition, we have a few FAQs on the best ways to find the interview in our library if you’d like to bookmark it, listen again or share it with friends. You’ll also see that with each interview, we include the name of the guest or story you’re listening to along with a short description. (To see our official news release, click here.)

Growing Bolder Radio Network: How To Listen

Listen Online

If you want to listen on your computer, we’ve provided a pop-up link so you can stream our network while still being able to open other tabs and windows on your browser.

To open the pop-up player, click here. 

On the pop-up, you’ll see several options.

Because it’s a livestream, you can’t actually pause and resume interviews where they left off — but you can mute the volume, and also access recently played items, find a direct link to each interview or story and more.

With the livestream, what you’re listening to is exactly what everyone else is listening to — it’s a full-fledged radio network, so think of it like listening to your favorite news, talk or rock and roll station!

Listen With iTunes

1. From the “Advanced” menu or the “File” menu, choose “Open Stream”, the location of this option may differ with different versions of iTunes.

2. Type in “http://shoutcast.boldernet.net:80/growing_bolder_radio/”

3. Click “OK”

Listen With iPhone

1.We suggest you download the app “Tuner” (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tuner-internet-radio/id284205617) *Note: this is a paid app

2. Using Tuner, choose the “Search” tab in the bottom right

3. In the upper left, choose “Open”

4. In the “Title” field, type: Growing Bolder Radio

5. In the “URL” field, type: http://shoutcast.boldernet.net:80/growing_bolder_radio/

6. In the upper left, choose “Done”

7. If you want to save the network in your bookmarks, just click the icon at the top right. The next time you open the app, it will be stored in your bookmarks tab.

Listen With an Android Phone

1. Download an app such as “XiiaLive” (http://xiialive.com/*Note: this is a free app

2. Add your own radio station by clicking “Favorites” followed by “Add Favorite”

3. When prompted for the Stream URL, type: http://shoutcast.boldernet.net:80/growing_bolder_radio/

4. The next time you open the app, it will be saved in your favorites

Growing Bolder Radio Network: How To Share

In the pop-up player, there is a link that says “share, comment, learn more.” When you’re listening to a story or interview and you want to bookmark it, share it with your friends, leave a comment or more, click click that link and you’ll be taken to the segment that you were listening to.

Remember — this is a livestream, so if the network moves on to the next segment, that link may not take you to the interview you were looking for. But you can use the “recently played” feature (see the graphic above) to see a list of some of the interviews and stories that streamed over the previous hour. Click the link you’re looking for and you’ll be taken directly to that segment!

The Growing Bolder Radio Network is an added feature to the Growing Bolder Radio Show — you can still access all of our interviews and stories on demand at http://growingbolder.com. You can browse by topic, by date and by keyword.